About Me

 I was born into a family, who were in business! 

Some of my earliest memories were of hearing conversations about interest rates, weekly takings, customer and staffing issues and much, much more. Ever since my childhood, business has been in my blood and my heart!
But in the old days, there was very little in the way of information & support, let alone coaching or mentoring. What you learnt, you learnt from the family or experienced usually at a high cost in terms of time or money, often both!

I have either owned or run businesses in all shapes and forms since my early teenage years, so I know what it takes to keep your business afloat, let alone growing and thriving, specially in these times of world “credit crisis.”

I have developed my skills and abilities constantly as challenges are constantly changing so must we. I first developed a passion for mentoring in the early eighty’s working as a youth worker, I found I had a natural passion for improvement and taking performance to the next level, the end results were peoples lives being dramatically impacted.  New options and a heightened sense of self worth for those I worked with.

Twenty five years on, I am still learning and growing, bringing cutting edge thinking and business practice to my clients and their organisations, empowering them to realise their visions. Their results impacted, and their dreams realised, the experience of being in business transformed.

I believe it’s our thinking that will ultimately prevail….. in our actions and in our results, in our success and in our failures, business is tougher now than ever, however opportunities are still abundant, it’s in these times that the best will rise to the surface, the unseen will become visible.

As a business coach my aim is to be a major asset for all those I work with, their results will grow exponentially as a direct correlation of the work we will do together.

We have a saying in our family,
“it takes team work, to make the dream work”

Erkan Ali – Business Coach & Creative Entrepreneur.
Results Business Coach
020 8123 6617