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Health, Fitness & Well Being...

I have been working with business owners for many years and one thing that is common is that business owners are very busy people with busy lives. They can be dramatic, driven, work hard and play hard, they often find that the demands on their time is thing that can suffer is health, fitness and well being.

A business can be like a wild machine instead of giving life, an out of control business inevitably will take life from its owner/s and team. We all hear more and more about stress, people not having the time and energy and at worst illness.

I am passionate about and believe that owning a business can be a fun, creative and challenging activity a person can take on, in short I love entrepreneurs and that's why I have added this health, fitness and well being page to my web site.

I believe that there are three main areas to master;

      Mind set -

Our thinking drives everything, what we think and believe will shape our experience. Our beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking, manage your thinking and everything will fall into place, challenges over come and results produced. My favorite way of managing my thinking is simple,

Garbage In = Garbage Out

Read, listen & watch great materials, the information you expose your mind to will inform, shape and expand your thinking. I personally take in 10 hours of world class cutting edge information every week, sometimes more. I am often asked how do I maintain such a positive out look, well the proof is in the living - we attract experiences to us, as Henry Ford said

"whether you think you can or think you can't,

your right!"

See your personal eduction as a life long activity, learn from others who have travelled ahead of you, it's now easier than ever, with videos, books, seminars, pod casts and talks freely available there is really no excuse not to learn and grow.

      Food & Diet - We are what we eat!

Manage your food intake and you will find that your energy and sense of well being will rise, we are what we eat and that's a fact. Our bodies, like our mind sets are greatly governed by what we put in them - its that simple!

The power of juicing and the PH Miracle, by alkalising and cleansing your body, your natural energy, passion and excitement will return, feel fitter and younger.

Dr Robert Young explains...


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      Fitness & Stamina -

For me fitness and exercise have always been a part of my life "on and off". Fitness & stamina are all about resilience, if you are looking to produce remarkable results you need the body and fitness levels that can keep up with your ambition.

There are more distractions than ever before, Sky TV, films, cheap alcohol, cigarettes etc. the opportunity to veg out on the sofa or avoid getting your body in shape are huge and heaven knows I find it challenging to.  What I do know is we are at our best when we feel fit, strong and healthy. For the business owner who wants a profitable business and wants to have the time and energy to enjoy it, then a fitness program is essential.

I have been looking at ways that business owners can have their cake and eat it, by understanding some of the basic principles of good health your ability to keep healthy will multiply. I feel that given how time can be an issue for business owners, having a plan that cuts corners by being up to date and innovative can make incredible life, health and performance gains.

Here are some personal tips and suggestions;

Drink Wheatgrass - Alkalising has many benefits.

Drink Water - Cleanse and alkalise, aim for at least 2 litres a day, you will feel the benefits immediately.

Essential Oils - Our bodies need the right fatty oils.

Get a juicer - Juice fresh leafy greens and veg everyday.

Exercise regularly - Find easy ways to fit this activity into your daily routine.

Partner up - Find a friend to go with or get a coach, until you are reliable get help or support.

Get a Target - Have something to aim for, could be an event or a special day or holiday etc.

Track your progress - Its really encouraging to know that you are going in the right direction.

Share your give up goals - Make sure everyone knows that you have given up smoking or meat etc...they will hold you to it.

Celebrate - Always celebrate your wins


Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

If you would like to know more or have some questions please contact me

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