Raving Fans.........!

Please take some time to read through these generously written testimonials, I know that normally testimonials are 1-2 lines. My clients felt that they could not give the whole picture in such a short format, so   please read these statements and see if you have similar challenges and opportunities...

Most importantly take a look at the results they have achieved,

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, very much appreciated.


Since working with Erkan we have a clear vision of why we do what we do.  All businesses know what they do and how they do it but not necessarily why. 

We articulated our Why with the help of Erkan in articulating our Vision and Mission.  Once we understood this as business owners we shared this with our team members so that they understand what we are trying to achieve as a business.

Erkan also shared with us a number of tools that we are using to improve our team performance.  These useful insights have helped us improve our team and the internal processes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Erkan.  His enthusiasm and insights are worth any business owner taking him up on his offer of an initial coaching session.

Wayne Hockley & Tony Metcalf

Anthony Russel - Accountants







It was an amazing chance introduction that connected us with Erkan and from the moment he walked through the door we felt lifted.

The most significant emotion that stirred within us that morning was excitement and since then a stream of subtle transformations continue to present themselves for us and we are seeing these shifts in all areas of our lives and our business and they are a testament to his mastery and his continuous personal commitment to excel.

Erkan is a treasure trove!

He’s the kind of guy that challenges you playfully and shares his wisdom with great care and generosity. He's always got effective solutions to any kind of issue that’s surfacing within the business and it’s peripheries and he’s focused on placing you in the driving seat to get the results you truly seek.

Our journey so far with Erkan is relatively new but under his wing we are crafting a business and lifestyle that fills us with great satisfaction and abundance.

Thank you Erkan.

No other way to say it – we love you!

Reshma & Satish Pancholi

Dirctors of Opticall Eye Care Ltd



We have worked with Erkan for 9 months and already he has made a significant difference to our company. During this time he came up with some fantastic ideas, which we have decided to implement and continue to build on into the future.

To name a few...of those ideas,

Erkan helped us to make a corporate video, redesign our web site which included a testimonials, an about us page with photography and a blog page. He encouraged us to set up a Twitter and Facebook page as well.

We also installed a CRM system which will help us track clients/prospects and increase new and repeat business. He also undertook some personality tests which showed us where our team was best suited according to personality type and talents.

Erkan's enthusiasm and belief in all he does is refreshing and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to any type of business.

He has really helped us to re-focus our business...and efforts.

Thanks Erkan.

Graham Perkins


GP Cars




 Our engineering business had enjoyed steady growth and encountered no difficulties over recent years, However, as the owner, I lacked focus and motivation for my work.

A colleague had recommended Erkan from Results Business Coach for this very reason. Within 3 sessions with him I can see the benefits, my drive and passion have been reignited!

I would recommend Erkan to anyone who wants their business to feel less like business and more like their passion.

Kevin Lewis





I found the group coaching format to be a great introduction to the world of business coaching. A personal coach is probably not something I would have considered before signing up for Erkan's program but my opinion is now different.

The dynamic of the group allowed us to discuss between ourselves the concepts introduced by Erkan but always with his watchful eye that we didn't veer off topic too far.

In terms of the content of the classes and what I gained from Erkan's leadership of them, I'd say there were many things, which I'd simply not considered to be "important" to a company of our size. Erkan helped me to see it from a different perspective and that the basic foundations of the driving force behind my desire to run my own business are the most important aspect to allow me to succeed.

I would certainly recommend anyone thinking about attending one of Erkan's classes to do so and see their business in a new light.

Dominic Roberts


Network Revolution




This will be our 15th year in business, like all start-up’s it was struggle at first then we started making money and growing fast, before we knew it we had nearly 50 staff and new premises in Fulham. In 2007 we were not just hit with the recession but also photographic technology had changed from film to digital, we were hit with a double whammy...


We were caught out...big time.

The last four years I had no energy, no passion, no drive, we went from 50 people down to 14 people, Howard my business partner, I call him our visionary and he still had the drive, he has always felt we needed coaching to improve ourselves, so we took on a coach. After about 8 months nothing was happening, nothing dynamic, no real tangible changes...we were flat lining.

Then Howard met Naresh from Allans the Accountants and he was so driven and empowered, it was like he was on drugs, well that’s what it looked like to us...he had an independent coach called Erkan Ali, we wanted what he had, we wanted some of that, we arranged a meeting. When Erkan came in to meet us  I was at my lowest level of energy, motivation and focus.

We didn’t hesitate, as a team we all wanted to move forward...

How’s it working out so far...?

When we first met Erkan he asked me what was my passion? My answer was nothing really; I was just trying to survive day to day.

With the change in technology in our industry all the services that we offered when we first started have gone, 100% of what we offer now is new, it’s like starting from scratch again but we now have the energy, motivation, the passion and the drive to take us forward. There are new markets, new opportunities and a new vision, we are moving forward fast. We have a new purpose now. The materials we have been given to listen to and read have really added up to making a huge difference, we were asked by Erkan just try it on...you don’t have to agree, just see where it takes you...you decide.

I thought I was the most resistant to change but Erkan made it easy to try on the new stuff, In one of the audio books I listened, Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result?

It was now the time to try on new ideas, principles and methods, it was now about change or die...That really sunk in, common sense and so obvious now I thought but I needed to hear that for it to make sense.

A word about Vision & Mission,

It’s the hardest part to get, plus no result, no result, no result, then suddenly 3months in POW we got it. Having a vision & mission is changing our attitudes, behaviour and ultimately our results for the better, we are making more progress, it even seems easier on one level, I guess that’s because we are enjoying our business again and not just surviving it day to day. We keep looking at the bigger picture and the ultimate goal, longer term...


How about the team then?

I heard this saying, that the fish stinks from the head down, if you are not on form how can you expect your team to perform...it’s as simple as that, get yourself sorted and performing and everyone else will follow, and that’s exactly what has been happening.

Its life changing stuff...

There’s no going back, it’s not just about business, it changes you as a person and it impacts your home life, wife, kids even hobbies, I have been playing squash I haven’t done that in years. What you learn in the coaching sessions you can apply it to your life, this stuff is life changing.

The future...?

I am very confident, I know that people are talking about a double dip recession but I feel we are perfectly positioned, in the past we let opportunities go by but now we have to make the most of every opportunity. I am very excited about the next 12 months we have the coaching, a vision and the drive and purpose to succeed. I can without a shadow of a doubt recommend Erkan to any business owner wanting to excel and be the best they can be.

Erkan has a saying “try it on, stick with me”...it’s as simple as that...that’s all you have to do, try it on and stick with it, it might just change your business and your life.

Ken Sethi


Genesis Imaging





Having experienced many different forms of personal, career, life and business coaching over the years, in many different formats including group, 1:1 structured and unstructured programs,  I am well aware that the right coach can have a huge impact on helping me channel my energies in the directions I want to achieve results.

Having returned from Maternity leave with a combination of a new business, existing business and the obligatory family commitments, I was ready to take on some more specific business coaching which would focus on the bottom line returns rather than just the ‘feel good’ factor – real, tangible results. 

Erkan’s newsletters had been crossing my path for a while and purely in the name he’s  chosen for his business, I was clear that he would be intending to provide the focus I was looking for. I attended his group coaching sessions which assured me that Erkan has the right balance of compassion, understanding, humour, clarity, ability to see the common threads and straight talking to challenge me on what is required.

The first month of focusing on getting my work patterns organised to help me focus my attention and be more effective are now falling into contextual sense; having laid some great foundation stones which, while I’m far from mastering, at the end of month two, are continuing to develop while we focus the coaching sessions on the business returns.

Connecting with someone as personable, friendly, approachable, open and flexible as Erkan is also fun; and his commitment to getting me the results that I want are obvious.

 I can highly recommend Erkan for his fresh, innovative approach to coaching combined with tried and tested business models.

Jackie Perkins


House of Colour



Erkan coached and supported me to achieve one of my most important results: having the courage to move to South Africa; the land of my dreams and my childhood.

It took a lot to do and I really am not sure I could have done it without him. What I remember most was hisincredible ability to see things from a useful perspective helped me with the critical insights I needed to breakthrough my fears and take the big leap I needed to.

Always loving,

often courageous and sometimes downright brilliant, working with Erkan will be a once in a lifetime experience.

10 years on,

I have a family, and a job that I love, in the country of my dreams.

I have Erkan to thank for that.

Please call or mail me for more on +27 82 565 0765 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 Simon Ekin, Breakthrough Coach of Visionary Leaders.

Cape Town, South Africa. www.siekin.com


Driving Passion with Performance

 We have been working with Erkan from Results Business Coach for over nine months, and have found Erkan to be professional, caring and he always helps us move to our next step.

After two decades of fixing and tuning cars we thought we knew our business, however by writing our vision and mission we have seen that we offer far more value to our target market and clients than we ever thought we had previously,

we are learning our true worth.

We have re-branded our business, put signs up to show our new clients where we are, designed and distributed leaflets, currently overhauling our web site to work for us, set up a contact management system, and even employed an administrator to take care of all our paperwork so we can get on with the important things like working on the business, we are even attending networking meetings!

By having Erkan by our side we feel confident that we can double our business even when others are staying still or even shrinking.

The most important thing is that we are enjoying our business and looking forward to the future, this in a time when all you hear is “doom and gloom”

If you are looking to take yourself and your business to the next level, we can completely recommend Erkan; he is a great coach and good friend.

Claudio and Gabs DiMaggio


Perfect Touch




Dear Erkan,

After first attending one of your Grow Your Business Seminars, I had a taster of what coaching was about and I picked up some great ideas & tips.

I wanted to know more and joined your Group Coaching Program in Feb 2010. I can honestly say that I have learnt more in the first three sessions than, I have learnt in last 16 years of business. Your approach and drive has had a lasting effect on the way I approach my business, I can now see the improvements taking place.

You have helped me not only in business but, also in my personal life as well. After initially joining the Group Coaching Program and completing the course I cannot thank you enough for delivering your promise, that my results would improve.

I have been so impressed with my results that I have now joined the Results Business Club, so that I can continue to learn and help others benefit from what I have learnt.

Once again thank you!

Ahmet Ali (and no, we are not related)


Sky Security Ltd.



I was in a place where I was chasing my tail, growing my business, maintaining business and then losing business. As a result my business remained in the same place and I felt stuck with no real sense of purpose or direction.

I needed help and that is the reason why I got Erkan on board. Through Erkan's help I have gained purpose, direction and the tools needed to make my business a success.

What I have learnt is invaluable and I feel empowered and in control of my business, rather than my business in control of me.

I would without a doubt recommend any business owner that is looking to grow and expand especially in the area of profit to join Erkan’s Results Business Club.

James Jeboah


J & Co Management



We have been working with Erkan to help us clarify and focus our business plans & goals.

In a short time we found Erkan to be very inspiring in his wholesale approach to business challenges and our aspirations. He has helped us with growing our business, incentivising and motivating our staff, focusing on developing the business and at the same time keeping our clients happy.

He is truly a professional business coach, with an amazing enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring that we all do well.

Erkan you truly inspire us and I hope that others will have the opportunity to experience your wisdom, knowledge and ability to empower.

We have no doubt that we will achieve our business and personal goals with your continued coaching and assistance.

Thank you Erkan for all your support. 

Dipak Patel

Managing Director

Allans The Accountants




We at Alliance Cleaning have been in business for over 20 years, with over 550 staff and many many loyal clients. We have had to overcome huge challenges to be in business today, and I feel we have done this successfully!

However, our performance had plateaued for the last 3 years, we knew something had to change, but what and how?

It was not until we met Erkan and started to work with him that we realised the power of coaching and having an outsiders perspective, our company is now at the effect of this.

By creating a new, inspiring vision for our company and our people it has allowed us to reinvent our business and transform our results. It does not happen overnight and it takes time, energy and lots of work, but I am confident that we will be doubling our business within 2-3 years!

If these types of results are of interest to you then, I would recommend a meeting with Erkan, its FREE and you will be pleasantly surprised;

It might even change your life!

Danny Bishop


Alliance Cleaning Ltd.


When in business you think you have most of the answers to the everyday problems, and tend to follow your own set of rules that you apply to all situations.

Having Erkan and the team from Results Business Coach has allowed me to re look and rethink my entire operation from a different perspective and to make the changes needed in the areas that need them most.

From the mundane to the extraordinary Erkan has helped me focus on these needs and challenges and has provided solution options that can be embraced and implemented instantly.

Erkan has proven to be a fountain of knowledge and a purveyor of common sense!

If you are keen to develop your business and increase results, then having Erkan in your team will prove to be a smart and wise choice!

Adrian Phelan

Managing Director

Tara Support Services Ltd




Our company,

IBL-UK Ltd. has grown dramatically in the last 12 months and we felt that we needed structuring and guidance from a professional who would understand our challenges.

We chose Erkan due to his character, bubbling personality, past business experiences and most importantly his true vision for IBL-UK.

The results we are getting are tremendously exciting with a real vision of direction and training taking the pressure off us, enabling us to concentrate on real business growth.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Erkan to any business on the up!

Ian Bower

Managing Director

IBL – UK Ltd.



We are a month and a half into our one on one coaching programme with Erkan – a short spell of time, yes, but the positive impacts are already being felt!

For me, a key theme for 2010 is to develop and grow the unity and effectiveness of our whole management. Erkan is already playing an active role in this through sharing his enthusiasm and ideas with them: He exudes a “can do” attitude which is infectious!

For me personally,

Erkan is making me re-prioritise my attention and efforts so that I actually spend time, “working on my business” as opposed to, always fire-fighting “in” the business!

With Erkan’s support I am extremely confident we will achieve our business goals for 2010 and beyond.

Thank you Erkan, it's been a great start and I look forward to what the future will bring.

Russell West

Managing Director

Proclense Valeting Services Ltd.





Erkan is a man who is an eternal joy, understanding and caring!

He has a knack for stepping out of the problem and presenting a completely different angle to a challenge that not only was missed - it simply was not on the radar.

As a result - he challenges you to look for the unexpected, and expect nothing but growth and development in yourself and your business!

As a business owner of 20 years I found myself doing the same things and surprisingly getting the same results.

I was in a cycle that needed to be broken!

Erkan provides me with the sounding board I need to grow both my business and within myself, working with him - I have reviewed the way I work and I have made radical changes to the way I run the business and the way I interact with my teams and customers.

As a result I feel I am on a better - clearer more exciting road and a world of possibilities now lies ahead of me and my business.

Thank you Erkan, your more than just a great coach, your a real friend too.

Paul Cousineau

Managing Director

CRDN-UK Limited



 “If you think about it....all the greats have coaches!"

 Pavarotti, John Wayne & Jenson Button to name but a few, I have been building my business since 1969, Since my father passed away, when I was 16.

 Well, I thought it was time for me to have a coach too, Erkan and his team has have opened up a whole new world of Opportunity, Insight & RESULTS!
 My Life & Business will never be the same again! Thank you Erkan, you’re amazing!”
 “If want to dramatically impact your business or organisation I can wholeheartedly recommend, Erkan & the team at Results Business Coach”

Mark Cooper
Managing Director
Direct Boot

 Future Conversations

Working with Erkan has been an adventure!

  I came to work with Erkan as I wanted to make my business as a self-employed person into a proper business, one which was more financially viable. He reassured me that I had the technical expertise, I just needed some marketing sense. Although sales has been something of a dirty word to me, Erkan gave me simple ideas, and ways to look at what I already do,to maximise my effectiveness at creating opportunities and new business.

After all,

without customers what difference can I make for other people?

 Although it is hard to work out what is a result if my own commitment and what is a result of working with Erkan, during the two months we have been talking new and exciting things are happening to my business, including new clients, new strategic alliances and my time is being used far more effectively than before.

My business is starting to look more like a business venture. Erkan has always been available, and has been open to talk about things when my expectations are not being met too.

Erkan is a true asset...!

  David Collins


Future Conversations





 Erkan has been able to keep my head above the water at the most trying of times, he's been able to keep me concentrating on the bigger picture and preparing me for what's coming next.

Not only a good coach but a good friend too, highly recommended.

Thank you Erkan

John French
Dynamic Plumbing and Heating Ltd

 My name is Shwan Albarzangi, I am a graduate in Politics and International studies.

Towards the end of my studies at university and in particular in the latter half of my the final semester, I had a panic attack, this proved to have a significant impact on my life for almost a year and a half. At first I had no idea what anxiety, panic etc all meant;


what I soon learned was that it was going to restrict me from living the outgoing, spontaneous life I was so used to living. I slowly began to avoid travelling on the train or the underground, slowly cut down from visiting night clubs and bars and completely stopped going to any locations that were far from my comfort zone.


After being introduced to Erkan through a mutual friend, we began to do some work together, he introduced me to some new material, he coached me on how to think when these situations arose and in particular gave me self belief which I believe is the most vital part of getting over any challenge be it anxiety or any otherproblem one may face in life.

After 3 months of coaching and my strong determination, I managed to attend my friends wedding in Verona, travelling by car for over 900 miles, going through many tunnels and in particular the famous Mont Blanc tunnel, I went on the ferry and finally returned back to London by plane... all things that are very normal but seemed so far away just  6 months ago.

The Key message I would pass to anyone would be "empowerment means successes" whatever the challenge,

 "If you believe... you will receive!"

Erkan thank you for all your help...

Shwan Al-barzangi

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