Coaching Services;

Free 1Hour Coaching Session

Successful Coaching is a two way process.

I need to know whether you are - ready for coaching - and - coachable?

Likewise you may want to know whether I can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

But what ever happens, at the end of the coaching session you will end up with ideas, strategies and actions plans – and – the inspiration to move your business forward.

If you are ready to invest at least one hour of your time to experience what other business owners have experienced, then please 

contact me to book your FREE Session NOW. 


Results Business CLUB - Monthly Meeting

A combination of coaching, mentoring, discussion, a group to be accountable to, guest speakers, a forum to share ideas and to help each other through our networks. The magic ingredient is to have fun and join in with like minded individuals.

Times - 7.00pm to 9.30pm last Thursday of the month.

*Further information on Results Business CLUB page.


Grow Your Business Seminar

An introductory seminar designed to help business owners tap into the potential

of themselves and their team.

*Further information on Seminar & Events page.


Group Coaching Program

Spread over 7 bi weekly sessions, I break down the principles of the "Grow Your Business Seminar" to give business owners all they need in terms of;

 Goal Setting,

 Vision & Mission Statements,

 Marketing & Sales,

 Team & Leadership,

 Systems & Processes  and much more.


Basic Business - One on One Coaching

For the clear of purpose, the One on One coaching program is business

specific. I work with owners, and adjust my approach for that businesses

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.

 •  2 Hours a month coaching session.
 •  Unlimited email support.
 •  Unlimited telephone support.
 •  Massive results day every 90 days.
 •  Unparalleled business education.
 •  Cutting edge marketing education.
 •  Support with ANY business challenge.
 •  Results focused coaching.
 •  Access to my vast contacts and business resource team.

 **Includes Results Business CLUB - Last Thursday of the month


Integrated, One on One coaching,

 •  All the above, plus.
 •  1-2 days a month.
 •  Work with the wider team & managers.
 •  Go out in the field and see the business in action.
 •  Work closely with owners.
 •  Attend strategic meetings, as required.

**Includes Results Business CLUB - Last Thursday of the month


Project Manager - Non Executive Director,

working as part of the team

 •  All the above, plus.
 •  Work within the business – flexible.
 •  Meet with the board, set goals and bring cutting edge ideas and principles

    to the business.
 •  Meet with the team regularly.
 •  On call for ideas, consultation or feedback.
 •  Visit clients.
 •  Re-brand and reposition the business.
 •  Set up marketing strategy, paper and website.
 •  Set sales process & test & measure systems.
 •  Goal & target setting.
 •  Meet suppliers when and if required.
 •  Liaise with service providers, get quotes and brief.

     (e.g. Video Production, Web Site designers, Graphic Designers etc.)
 •  Work on content with owners and the wider team.
 •  Manage other team members and the project overall.
 •  Report back to the board.
 •  Other…TBA

Joint Venture or Performance related incentive and reward by agreement.

**Includes Results Business CLUB - Last Thursday of the month


Other services by request;

    Marketing & Sales Training

   The Business Building Process

   Vision & Mission Building

   Team & Leadership

   Life Coaching & Guiding

   90 Day Planning Workshop

   Project Driven Coaching


Results - Business Services


Results Business Services was created by me, Arzu Ali, to provide freelance administration, marketing and office support for individuals and small to medium size enterprises. After working in the UK financial & investment sector for 13 years, I was looking for a lifestyle change, and decided to work on a flexible basis with owner operated businesses.

Ideal For Bussiness owners who know administration & marketing is a necessary and integral part of their business, but they either do not have the time or skills to develop these areas of their business as much as they would like to.

How I work After receiving your brief I will visit your offices to see your business in action, gain clarity on your requirements, and put together a plan for you. There is no minimum spend or time commitment providing maximum flexibility for business owners to obtain support on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

I cover the East Hertfordshire & North London areas, working to a schedule & location that works for you.

Areas Covered I provide clients with a wide range of administrative & marketing services on a freelance basis, offering tailored services to allow clients to focus on their businesses or core work.


This includes;  

       Data entry  

       Vision & Mission Statements  

       Default dairy & attention mastery  

       Integrity sheets, mini project management  

       Sales administration, process & script writing  

       Database management  

       Website set up & content management  

       Proof reading and correction  

       Business back office & support  

       Billing and invoicing  

       Administration in general  

       Word, Excel and PowerPoint  

       Social media, blogs, tweets and much more


For more on Results Business Services please contact

Arzu Ali on 020 8123 6617

If you have a specific challenge or opportunity that you would like to discuss in confidence please call Erkan on 020 8123 6617  



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