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Posted by on in Leadership


It doesn't take a GENIUS...!



How many times did Samsung pivot their business before becoming the No.1 smart phone seller in the world, beating Apple at their own game?


Here’s how...

START HERE - Lee Byung-chull launched Samsung to sell groceries in South Korea in 1938

PIVOT No.1 - By the early 1940s, in a competitive grocery market, Lee changed tack, went vertical and Samsung began producing and selling their own noodles

PIVOT No.2 - By 1950, with the Korean War ruining his business, Lee left Seoul and turned Samsung into a sugar company with its own sugar refinery

PIVOT No.3 - After the war, in 1954, Lee switched Samsung’s focus again, launching the largest woollen mill in Korea

PIVOT No.4 - As Korea developed, Lee switched to cater for the growing population, focusing Samsung on selling insurance and securities.

PIVOT No.5 - By 1960, Lee had switched Samsung again to focus on electronics, with its first electronic product being a black & white TV.

PIVOT No.6 - By 1980, Lee moved Samsung into telecoms, producing telephone switch boards and fax systems

PIVOT No.7 - When Lee died in 1987, Samsung separated into four companies - Department stores; Chemicals & logistics; Paper/Telecom; and electronics.

PIVOT No.8 - By 1980, Samsung Electronics decided to focus on international investing, investing in plants and semiconductor facilities around the world.

PIVOT No.9 - By 1990, Samsung began moving from investing to property, and became a world leader in construction, with building contracts on 3 of the world’s tallest buildings: Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan and Burj Khalifa in UAE.

PIVOT No.10 - In an attempt to rationalise during the 1990s recession, in 1993 Lee’s son, Lee Kun-Hee, began downsizing, selling many subsidiaries and merging the rest.

PIVOT No.11 - By the late 1990s, the merging of electonics, engineering and chemicals in Samsung led to the company becoming the largest producer of memory chips in the world

PIVOT No.12 - As memory chips became more competitive, in 1995 Samsung switched to liquid-crystal displays, and over the next 10 years became the world’s largest manufacturer for flat screen TVs.


PIVOT No.13 - By 2010, with liquid-crystal displays becoming more competitive, Samsung launched a 10 year growth strategy, with smart phones being a key focus. At this point, they were already providing Apple with many components for the new iPhone.


END HERE! (For now) - This year, in 2012, Samsung became the world’s largest mobile phone and smart phone maker, outselling iPhones two to one.


With so much change, what remains the same?


When Lee began his company all those years ago, he called it ‘Samsung’ which means ‘Three Stars’ in Korean. His three meant ‘big, numerous, powerful’ and the stars meant ‘eternal’. From the beginning, his vision for Samsung was to leave a legacy as a leader in whichever market made sense at the time. That strategy has led to Samsung having sales today of over $250 billion and producing about a fifth of South Korea’s total exports.


How many times have you pivoted your business onto a new wave of success when things aren’t going your way?


What is the bigger purpose you are pivoting your business around?
In fast changing times, take Samsung as an example:


Set a bigger purpose, with long term vision and short term results, and have the courage to switch when you need to. It takes courage, it takes commitment and, as Samsung says in their most recent ads,

‘It doesn’t take a genius’


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Posted by on in Inspiration


Martin Greenfield is a true visionary and entrepreneur...



Entrepreneur Martin Greenfield's infectious passion and hopeful perspective bring his community and his employees more than just jobs.


More about Lessons from a Tailor from filmmaker Galen Summer


The inspiration for this film came directly from the man himself. When I first met Martin Greenfield at his factory, with the intention of interviewing him for a lifetime achievement award he was receiving for his efforts as an employer and business owner in Bushwick, Brooklyn, it became clear that there was more to his story than mere success in business.


Here was a man who had pulled himself up from tragedy and hardship, who had survived one of the most horrific events of the 20th century, the Nazi holocaust, and yet still possessed a lightness of spirit.


Here was a man who had mastered the art of the perfectly tailored, hand-made suit, and now that art was slowly being forgotten by the rest of the world.


Here was a man who at 80 years of age still seemed to be at the height of his powers, who possessed the confidence to dictate the style and fashions of the power elite, just as he had been doing for the past half a century.


It struck me as a unique opportunity to create a portrait of a person who had overcome great challenges in life, who had accumulated wisdom about clothes and about people, and who had become a humanitarian in the process.

Find out how to TAKE ACTION at http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/films/lessons_from_a_tailor/action





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Posted by on in Other



Hello, I'm Glenn and I am 20 years old and the newest addition to results business coach. I finished my second year of college in July 2012 studying music technology and I am doing an apprenticeship with Erkan as my alternative to university, as I believe work experience far surpasses a music tech degree!


I am a keen sports player with a wide variety of interests such as rugby, football, athletics, rock climbing, skiing and singing. I have always wanted to try skydiving and or bungee jumping so I guess you could call me an adrenaline junky.


My passion in life is enjoying life to the fullest through working and playing, from my sport to my job. There is nothing I enjoy more than making someone smile along with me.


My ideal job, if I could become anything, would be a stockbroker. I currently trade virtually on the FTSE 100 with my portfolio going up over 10% in the last 2 months! My parents also plan to help me achieve this too by giving me a bit of their money to invest! They are the greatest supporters I've ever had!


My greatest achievement was probably either winning the victor ladorum 3 years running (best overall athlete on record) or getting to the finals of national private schools 200m back in year 9.


So that's a little bit about me and I look forward to seeing many of you through business club meetings or through the seminars we have planned!


You're in for a treat!

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Posted by on in Coaching


Most SME’s struggle,

Owners attempting to be all things,

a book keeper, HR & Personnel, Health & Safety even sales & marketing, and don’t forget the technical work of the business, the haircutting, the roofing, the car fixing or the cleaning etc.?


Business owners often complain about not enough time, too much to do, and the stress, the sleepless nights worrying about the future, oh and all the liabilities of owning and running a business in the UK today....the list is endless. Getting these things wrong can be catastrophic?


Love this 20min video from Simon Sinek



entrepreneurs are,

They are the most remarkable people I know, they are not artists, yet they are creative, they are not accountants but need to manage the numbers, they are not specialists, but rather generalist driven by a passion, a commitment driven to manifest their dreams!


They are driven by a single minded belief that they can be better and do better, they eat & sleep the dream, they apply their life force and higher self genius to show the world what they are capable of...to bring true value to others lives...to ultimately make a difference!


When I was at college, my business studies teacher said to me 

“Erkan I can’t teach you...you need to go out in to the real world and learn first had”,

but first had knowledge is often beset by peril, it's much akin to the lone stand up comedian only knowing what works live the response is instant and can often be brutal, dying on stage, is embarrassing & uncomfortable, but dying in business could leave you broke, homeless and even worse a loss of reputation?


The life of the entrepreneur is not about taking risk and falling down that will happen, but it’s a matter of how fast you get up and go again, renewed, re-energised and not shrivelled from fear of further pain?


After a lifetime of being in business and being involved with businesses, plus over 30 years of personal development and life changing work, I believe I can help entrepreneurs, help them to move their projects forward, a compassionate friend with a passion to make a profound contribution to business owners and their lives.


It’s not about having all the answers but more about unlocking potential the unseen capabilities and resources that the entrepreneur has locked within them.


The art of unlocking potential has been my passion for as long as I can remember, contributing to others has been my lifelong ambition,


That’s why it’s not just about the money...money is a result, it always is, my aim is to identify and release the inner passions of the maverick entrepreneur who is out to make their mark, to leave a legacy, an impact on the hearts and minds of all who they come into contact with.



Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and all those who have made a massive contribution to business and to our lives!


A word about the planet,

I don’t believe in more widgets for widgets sake, or continual growth, i.e. more sales, more sales! But rather more value, more innovation, more consideration for life time value and minimal impact on our planet.

The era of continual growth for the sake of the banks, GDP & the economy, is over, the need to do do do is at an end in my view, we need a change of mind, we need to feel and to connect with our hearts, with our passions, our creativity, our innate ability to be altruistic to care about all of us,

Until all of us are loved, fed and cared for none of us can have peace.


This is what I believe true entrepreneurship is all about...

Thank you....written by Erkan Ali



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Posted by on in Coaching


I love visiting my clients on site, where ever that is..

Here is John French with a couple of his team on an install in central London...

Notice how neat the pipe work is...they are fanatical about precision

Space age tech in domestic settings...John is a true pioneer and visionary.

Love his passion...

Coach and client...it takes team work to make the DREAM Work.!

Can't miss the van either, its about about creating a great brand image

and customer delight.


To find out more about Dynamic Plumbing and Heating please call the number

on the van or visit....www.dynamicplumb.com

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